Brief History

The Braxton Lee Homestead, located off Smith Street, is a beautiful and historic piece of property that sits high atop a hill that offers an incredible view of Sydney’s Bluff, the Cumberland River Bridge, and overlooks Marrowbone Creek and the railroad trestle as you drive into the east side of Ashland City on Hwy 12 South.

The Homestead was purchased in 1796 and the home, reputed to be one of the first inhabited homes in Cheatham County was built in 1811. The home was made from large red cedar, ash and chestnut trees which were plentiful in the area. The logs are still intact and the original kitchen and smokehouse are still standing.

Braxton Lee was a very prominent, early settler of middle Tennessee, having moved west from Virginia in 1776. He operated a large plantation and provided supplies and food to riverboards on the Cumberland River. He was a former Justice of the Peace of (then) Davidson County, and was commissioned a Captain in the 20thTN Regiment in Davidson County in 1807. This homestead was one of the voting locations when they first voted to form a new county out of parts of Davidson, Robertson, Montgomery and Dickson Counties. The initial vote failed but it was later passed in 1856.

There are many descendants today scattered across numerous states. Related families include Hunter, Basford, Binkley, Jackson, Harris, Head, Hunt, Lenox, Peebles, Sanders, Stark, Teasley, Walker, Weakley and Wilson.